She read everywhere:

"Enjoy your life doing something you really love",

so she thought: I should spread happiness to other people
by serving them my own gelato!

She started working on the idea of her own gelato
business. It took her a while to write the business plan
and with the help and support of her family

she build her dream project from scratch.

Focused and determined, Natalie went to gelato school,
learned the arts and crafts of making it, and soon enough
she was ready to face the big challenge.

She then searched the whole city for the perfect space,
and suddenly realized the truck was the perfect way to start!

The first gourmet dessert truck in Florida!

Finding and fixing it, designing the exterior,
building the interior with coolers, sink, appliances,
and furniture were hard but rewarding days,
as we got to see our dream come true.

With a lot of mistakes and tryouts, but mostly with
effort and truly believing in herself and her idea,

the truck and the dream became a reality.

Constinously work on the development

of our handcrafted products using their versatility and
always showing that constant work yields excellent results.

Dolci Peccati, prides itself on being a company that cares
not only about Its product, but Its customers as well.

That is why when we create new flavors and textures,
we put extra care and dedication, so that our passion
can be reflected not only in our staff, but also

in the smiles on our customer's faces.

Our food truck is an extension of our identity and is now
one of our best tools to bring our delicious ice cream to
thousands of customers throughout South Florida.

To become
South Florida's
premier gelato
& frozen
dessert brand

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