About Dolci Peccati®

About Dolci Peccati®

Dolci Peccati® is specialized in making the most amazing and real gelato artigianale (artisan gelato).
This means, personally handmade by our expert gelato artists. (They even went to school for it, real pros!)

Dolci Peccati® in italian means ‘Sweet Sins’.
From the moment you approach the brand and get a sense of our rich and sweet products, colors, flavors, design, and sexy staff, you will feel identified with our passion, warmth, creativity, and smiles.

Our Gelato by the scoop, gelato pops, milkshakes and other scrumptious products, guarantee happiness and an unforgettable experience, gaining ‘Dolci Adicts’ everyday. That's our ‘pleasure principle’.

Our flavors are unique, crazy and delicious, and our taste and textures are both very soft and low-sweet, far from sickly. That's our ‘sweet success’.
We love and are always open to crazy and friendly ideas from our friends and customers to develop, like new flavors, colors, and products. Check out our social media profiles, send us a shout-out, or just stick around for updates and knowing where to find the Dolci Peccati ‘sweetest truck on the road’ and products across South Florida.

We create and develop gelato in fantastic, cool, fun in our own ‘purple’ ways.
Very soon, we will have our own Dolci Peccati® store. Stay tuned.


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